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In addition, homeowners can reach out to Fannie Mae through one of twelve Mortgage Help Centers located across the country. Contact information can be found at or by calling.

Fannie Mae Loan Lookup – Know Your Options. FREE The Fannie Mae Loan Lookup is provided as a convenience for borrowers. Fannie Mae makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee regarding the accuracy or completeness of the results.

Fannie Mae recently launched, a one-stop shop of resources for homeowners searching for the best options to avoid foreclosure. The Web site is incredibly user-friendly and.

spokesman for Fannie Mae, a giant in the secondary mortgage market. Homeowners can also go to the website, or call toll-free 866-989-6931, he said. "We want to get the.

"We encourage homeowners who may be struggling with their mortgage or facing possible foreclosure to reach out to Fannie Mae or your servicer to get help. We want to help pursue those options whenever.

Who-or What-Is Fannie Mae? Learn how Fannie Mae fits into the mortgage market in the United To learn more about Flex Modifications and other workout options for borrowers with Fannie Mae To find out if Fannie Mae owns your mortgage loan, go to or call.

Get FREE assistance from our Mortgage Help Network · Use calculators to estimate payments, costs, and more · Find out if Fannie Mae owns your loan.

Fannie Mae Value WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump intends to include Congress in any effort to pull back on its control over mortgage finance firms fannie mae and Freddie. s.

You can get foreclosure information & mortgage options from Fannie Mae through the site If you’re in a similar predicament, and you’re finding it tough to keep up with mortgage payments, then a resource offered by Fannie Mae may offer you some information and.

Fannie Mae mortgage modification payment targets. Fannie Mae allows a principal forbearance, bringing the home up to an 80 percent mark-to-market "Some homeowners decide to move on from the home using different loss mitigation options," says Kourehdar. "Some pursue short sales, deeds.

Fannie Mae's Loan Lookup tool helps you quickly determine if Fannie Mae.

Fannie Mae Condo Fannie mae project classification and warranty codes eligible Condominium Types Q – limited review (established project or established 2-4 unit project) S – Expedited Review (Established project or Established 2-4 unit project) T – Fannie Mae PERS, Unexpired 1028, or Special Approval Designation for FL condos eligible pud Types

Decade after housing crash, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are Uncle Sam's.. they want to know there is a government backstop behind it.